In recent years, the market for online trading has evolved. More and more individuals, not having any special training in this field, engage in speculation, often with small amounts to begin with. Trading robots fully automated growing in popularity. They make it possible for everyone to invest money, managing your stock portfolio for you and throwing orders to buy or sell based on complex algorithms. Check out our comparison of robots last September.

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The Trading robots

Various existing robots

There are two types of trading robots. Firstly, semi-automatic models send signals to their owners to place orders based on opportunities identified and therefore have limited autonomy. Then, fully automatic robots are capable of performing fully autonomously orders on trading platforms.

Some of this software are made ​​freely available to users, while some others require a subscription or are offered at very high purchase price such as Robot Binary mathex or a cheaper result as Binary Option Robot.

However, these two robots both have a free version to test it for a period of time or with fewer options.

Benefits of online robots.

First, unlike a human, a trading robot shows no signs of fatigue, stress or psychological weakness, which guarantees a constant efficiency. It follows the letter strategies and pre techniques. Then, he can place many orders in a short time and is efficient and effective. Finally, it analyzes strictly news, charts and rates and can trade continuously which guarantees always the best opportunities.

"Robots professional trading and developed by competent persons really are a step closer to those starting out in the stock market."

Thomas D. Professional Trader

The characteristics of trading robots

Free and simple

Each robot has a free version with either a limited time, a maximum gain

Multi Platform

Compatible with Mac and Windows

Multi Broker

According to several robot platforms are available like OptionWeb for example

Intelligence system

Choisir 100% automatic trading ou semi-automatic


The robots are multilingual : French, English, Italian, ....


Available Support

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