Binary Mathex Review

The opinion of Fabrice The 05 September 2014 -

logo binary mathexBinary mathex Trading Robot arrived on the market in early February 2014 in France and September in the world after several months of development. Since the robot has proven itself in the trading markets and is widely used Internet users.

Binary mathex, a robot that is "innovative

Whether you are adoptes online trading or beginner wanting to start with binary options, you'll know that no robot is not. The first quality is that Binary mathex reassuring and showing an almost impeccable professional in the eyes of users. The support is very responsive, we could test several times and responses are fast and accurate.

Interesting and promising results

Here are the last ten trades made during the day of May 14, 2014 with 5 positive and 1 negative trade trades.

Results of Mathex Trading Robot

If you would use the robot during this period, you would have already been pocketing the positive results that day.

Performance of the current month is also available on the website of Binary mathex and we find that for the month of performance the yield is +3.

A free version for a period of one year

One of the advantages of this trading robot is that it offers a free version for a period of one year (note: however noted that the robot is fixed for those who exceed $10,000 of earnings). Therefore you must purchase the premium version.

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Try Binary Mathex for free

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Here is a video where you can see a robot user binary mathex earn a few hundred dollars in one day. He certainly has a big capital but it proves that this robot is not scam. Test it for yourself after watching this video.

Some user reviews of Binary mathex


Karine P.ManagerI was looking for a comparison of robot free trading for individual and I came across this site. This is how I discovered Binary mathex. I since the beginning of May and currently use my return is 4%. My initial investment with this robot was 500 €.


ImassaDatabase AdministratorAfter seeing the video of Didier Rondeau and Binary mathex I was bleuffé by gains but also suspicious and I checked if he had by this scam with mathex robot. After some checking on various forums, I tabled € 200 on my account OptionWeb, at first I was losing 2% but since a few days my account is back up and I'm 3% yield.

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