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The opinion of Mathieu The 01 May 2016 -

Gold Binary Robot ReviewGold Binary Robot is a high-performance trading robot in 2016 and 2017. Developed by 3 former traders, it aims to allow individuals to use tools to which they did not previously have access. This download-free robot is 100% automatic and free. It is available in few langages like english, french, italian, spanish and others.

A high-performance auto trading robot

Gold Binary Robot is the most powerful trading software that I have ever seen this year. Its real-time analysis algorithm is flawless. Using it is very easy and, if you have no knowledge of trading, it’s no problem since everything is automated. Although you will obviously not win all of your trades, you will win nearly 85% of them, which will make you a winner overall in the long term.

Presentation of Robot Gold Binary


Getting started
Getting started with Gold Binary Robot, is very simple:

  • Go to the trading robot website
  • Register as member
  • You will then arrive on the robot’s interface
  • Set the robot’s settings using the Configuration tab. Here are my settings:

    Configuration of Robot Gold Binary

  • Make a deposit
  • Click on the Auto Trade button and let the robot make money for you.

Why choose Gold Binary Robot?

Here are the reasons that have led me to choose this robot over others (and I’m not disappointed):

  • DEMO available to test the robot before making a deposit (VERY RARE)
  • 24/7 market analysis
  • Regular updates
  • No download
  • 100% automatic
  • Very reactive team which answers my questions by e-mail


Robot demonstration video

Some user reviews of Gold Binary Robot


Paul O.ManagerI was looking for a comparison of robot free trading for individual and I came across this site. This is how I discovered Gold Binary Robot. I since the beginning of April and currently use my return is 6%. My initial investment with this robot was 600 €.


SachaManager Binary OptionsI test this autotrading robot in 2016 and i make a lot pf benefits.